Skincare Tips By Dermatologists

We often hear skincare tips from family and peers but avoid going to dermatologists for proper guidance. Seeking dermatologist’s advice is critical to avoid and prevent any serious diseases. However, dermatologists have given some tips for skin care that are given below, and by following these simple guidelines you can avoid skin damage:

1. Use your free time for skin treatment

You don’t need to spend any extra time on skin treatment. Spend your free time on skin treatment like on the way back to your home and in bad traffic. Keep serum, eye mask, teeth whitening strips and eyebrow gel with you in your car and apply them when you are free on your way back home. In this way, you don’t need to spare time for skin care activities.

2. Acupressure technique to prevent wrinkles

Dermatologists recommend acupressure technique to prevent wrinkles and premature fine lines. Many people scrunch and frown their faces at night, and it results in wrinkles and fine lines. To make your face relax acupressure is the best technique. Press your inner eyebrows, temple sides, and the area next to your nostrils. Do this for at least ten seconds regularly.

3. Hydration

It is often recommended to drink plenty of water regularly, but dermatologists say that our body needs hydration both internally and externally. Drink water for internal hydration and apply creams, lotions, and serums for external hydration.

4. Avoid rinsing face with hot water

Avoid rinsing your face with hot water regularly as it would open the pores of your face. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Both hot and cold water can cause irritation and dry face.

5. Apply sunscreen to all exposed parts

Many people only apply sunscreen to their face and ignore neck, hands, chest or other exposed body parts. Dermatologists recommend the use of sunscreen on your neck, hand, and chest too. It should be applied before going out because all these areas are exposed to the sun equally as a face. Select sunscreen according to the recommended criteria of SPF. SPF 50 and above is often recommended.

6. Hydrocortisone cream to prevent swelling

If you have swelling, under eye bags and redness, then apply hydrocortisone cream overnight. Don’t use it in excess because it has side effects. It is anti-inflammatory so helps to reduce swelling and puffiness.

7. Avoid rubbing your eyes

Many women rub their eyes like scrubbing a pot it increases dark circles. Gently wipe off mascara with care.

8. Take care of your lips too

Many people take care their face and ignore lips. Dermatologists recommend taking care of your lips just as you take care of your face. If your body is dehydrated then your will lips also become dry. Apply balm or other homemade remedies to take care of your lips.

9. Avoid oily foods

You should eat a balanced diet and avoid fatty foods. Also, avoid starchy vegetables and refined carbohydrates. Take omega 3 fats and fatty acids for a youthful glow.

Follow above given skincare advice for youthful, glowing skin.